What the neighbours say

At first Sue and Sunil were a worried when they heard we'd bought the house next door. They were understandably "anxious about the potential adverse impact" that our building work might have on their property and their lives.

However looking back over project Sue says "our experience with Uplift has been very positive."

What the neighbours say.jpg

We know how stressful building work can be. So we introduced ourselves on day one, always kept the family informed of our plans and any site developments and tried to keep noise and disruption to a minimum. And this really did help keep the project on track and everyone happy. 

Sue says:

"From the start the Uplift team, particularly William and Mantis, have been professional, courteous and considerate.  Communication has been excellent and the few minor issues that have arisen have been resolved promptly and to our satisfaction.  All in all, it has been a very uplifting experience!"

We say:

Thanks Sue and Sunil. We think we got lucky having such lovely neighbours.