Car vs. Bike

We love Ealing. We love the green space, the wide streets and the lovely Victorian properties that we're restoring in the area. We love walking and cycling around our new neighbourhood.

Which is lucky really as driving is a total nightmare.

Whilst there's not much we can do to solve the general parking problem in Ealing, we have come up with a couple of solutions for people buying properties from us that don't come with private parking. Two good, green solutions:

Zip Car: If you drive and would like the convenience of a car without the hassle of ownership Zip Car is a brilliant option. With a Zip car within 5 minutes walk of each of our Ealing properties, and with us happy to pay for £1000 worth of credits in the first year, it couldn't be easier (or free-er) to sign up and get yourself a car sorted when you need one.

Kennedy City Bicycles: If you're the kind of person who likes to get around town on two wheels perhaps you'd prefer a bike as a house warming gift? You get to choose your colour and choice of handle bars and saddle and then our friend James will build you a bike in his Hackney workshop and have it delivered to you – on us.

Just one of the ways we like to say thank you for choosing Uplift and welcome to your new home.