A happy house story

We bought 91 Grange Road from Mr. Douglas Jordan just over a year ago. It was in some ways quite an emotional sale as the property had been in his family since 1941 and was the house Douglas and his siblings had grown up in.

As the new guardians of this property we were fully aware of our responsibility. Of course we were excited about the opportunity to give the building a new life. But we also had huge respect for the property’s history and wanted to do a job that would make us, and Douglas, proud.

It has been noted that “it’s not normal” and also “a bit weird” for developers to care so much. But we do. So when Douglas came around to see the refurbished property recently we were actually a bit nervous. 

Thankfully there was no need to be. Douglas’s first words were “Oh wow!”

Standing outside, he was instantly impressed by the sandblasted brickwork, new sash windows and restored Victorian front door. “You know it was blown off its hinges in Word War II?” He said. “It’s incredible how you’ve made it look as good as new!”

Inside the hallway Douglas noted the detailed restoration of the cornicing and how the original staircase and banister had been so carefully repaired – “Your carpenter is amazing!”

During his tour of the six new flats Douglas continued to comment how “nice” everything looked and was impressed by the “blimmin’ brilliant” tech features. He told us they used to have a “pulley system, like a mini lift, in the center of the house to take meals up from the kitchen” which was considered pretty high tech at the time. But he agreed that controlling the heating with an ipad is definitely an improvement on dragging a sack of coal up five flights of stairs.

As we said our goodbyes Douglas told us:

“I’m so pleased with what you’ve done with the place. I really don’t know how you could have done a better job.”

Of course we’re chuffed.

Good work team. Time for a celebratory beer.