What happens once the keys are handed over?

Matthew moved into his Uplift property in Ealing nearly six months ago.

He chose his apartment because of its quality and size and because it was the perfect place for his two daughters to come and stay with him. 

Buying from a developer Matthew says he was initially concerned that we might “run away once the keys had been handed over.” He was worried that everything would look nice on day one but that the cracks, the creaks and the cheats would begin to expose themselves over time.

But six months in we’re pleased to hear that Matthew is still happy in his new home:

“The high standard of development, which is what initially attracted me to the property, continues to impress now that I’m living in the flat and have settled in.”

Girl with chair

That’s not to say Matthew’s experience has been perfect.

“Of course there have been a few teething problems, only to be expected, but there is an on-going commitment to ensuring that these are properly resolved. And the positive, helpful attitude of the Uplift representatives has been excellent.”

Matthew’s given us some critical feedback too – like questioning whether controlling the heating via an iPad is necessary or “slightly over-engineered”. And these are things we want to hear.

You see we're different from most developers.

  • Because we retain the freeholds of our properties we remain responsible for them.
  • Because we care, we are committed to solving problems that arise.
  • Because we’re here for the long term we’re prepared to listen and learn.

 Matthew appreciates our approach and says he can see why our business is growing so fast.

 “Congratulations to Uplift – success is deserved and I’m pleased to be a satisfied customer.”

 Thanks for sharing Matthew and please stay in touch.