A happy home story

Yiota had had a difficult year looking for the perfect home for her, her puppy and her collection of family furniture. She had encountered her fair share of tricky developers and not-so-great workmanship and was beginning to feel like she would never find a property up to her standard. She wanted a newly renovated period property, which still managed to retain its original charm. So she was thrilled to discover the Uplift flats on Montpelier Avenue in Ealing and excitedly moved in last month. “it’s in a fantastic location and has been renovated beautifully.” 

She says the sash windows, exposed brick work, little fireplaces and wooden floors give the space character and loves that it’s all new. But best of all for her was the standard of the renovation “ I could see there was integrity in the work. I hate it when a developer does a hit and run job for profit, but when you look closer you notice the work is no good. Uplift isn’t like that, they take pride in good business which I like”

Now she’s settling in, Yiota is using her eye for style to make her new flat feel like a home. Like us she likes to mix the old with the new. “Internally, it was a modern, clean, blank canvas for me to build on. I found that 'newness' exciting ” She has a beautiful old oak dresser and a huge oak dining table that she inherited, which she says she will combine with some new pieces, a bright rug or an Eames chair to make the space her own. As a practitioner of Chinese medicine her lifestyle is deeply influenced by Taoist and Buddhist philosophies, which she hopes to also bring into her home, with Eastern inspired artwork and furnishings.

Most importantly she says it’s important to make your home personal and offered some useful advice to anyone moving into a new home:  

"I think it's important for people to follow their intuition rather than what's been sold out there. Good style happens naturally. We're drawn to certain colours, textures, and styles for a  reason. Go with that, if you love it you'll never get rid of it, like me and my dining table! Lastly, all homes should be shared - with flowers, plants, animals, children, friends and family in them”

Thanks for sharing your story with us Yiota. We hope you, your doggy and your furniture will be happy in your new home for many years to come.