An interview with our favourite photographer Naomi Wood

We love Naomi's photographic style which is why we use her to shoot our gorgeous homes every time we finish a project. Readers of our blog will have seen lots of her interior shots across our site, but we wanted to know a bit more about her work. So last week we grabbed a coffee with her and had a good chat about what she loves

One from our first shoot with Naomi

So other than Uplift....what have been your favourite shoots recently?

I've just finished a shoot with a really cool new fashion brand called Soon The Sun. We did an amazing shoot in a midcentury style house in Greenwich and the light that day was incredible, which just makes a day. And I've also been working with another new company called Ways of Eating. They asked me to shoot a variety of women and ask them how they feel about their bodies. Which was a great chance to meet some really inspiring women and have a peek inside their homes.

© Naomi Wood for Soon The Sun

© Naomi Wood for Ways of Eating

We love the way you use light in your work, who are the photographers that inspire you?

Ah there are obviously tonnes and I am constantly finding new influences, but in terms of light, it would have to be Lilo Raymond. A friend pointed me to her work years ago and I've been obsessed ever since. I just love the way she records the movement of light around a building. The lines from shows in her work create the most beautiful abstract images.

Some of Naomi's favourite images by Lilo Raymond

What do you enjoy most about interior photography?

Well I love interior design and I'm always looking for new pieces for my own home, but actually when I'm shooting it's more about the connection between people and their space and always about light. I'm constantly watching the sun at home and trying to document the shadows it creates. The way the light moves across your home can really affect how you use it. At home it's always really light in our hallway first thing in the morning, so I'll always be there, but then by the evening it's normally moved round to our bedroom. I love to read in my room and watch the patterns across the walls as the sun sets. I pretty much spend all my free time collecting photographs of light now, which is an odd thing to do, but I love it.

A few from Naomi's personal work

Thanks Naomi, look forward to working with you again soon.

In the meantime if you want to check out more of Naomi's work have a look at her website here or give her a follow on twitter and instagram @naomiswood