Artist Interviews

An interview with our favourite graphic artist Alex Green aka MSTR Gringo

Alex creates colourful, bold graphic illustrations, with handmade touches and sometimes found objects. We love his work so much, we have commissioned him to brighten up the hoarding outside our developments. You might recognise him from the amazing hoarding outside Kensal Rise library, or most recently, the William Morris inspired piece outside The Red House on Elers Road, Ealing.

Alex Green for FWD magazine

We are so inspired we wanted to know more. So last week Naomi caught up with Alex to find out more about what inspires him.

Hey Alex, I know you've been really busy working on some new commissions for Uplift, but what else have you been up to?

I'm currently working with Breddos Tacos on their restaurant fit outs which has been great. It's allowed me to explore different areas of design, which for me is super important. 

Menu designs for Breddos Taccos by Alex Green

Love those - you've got a great eye for colour. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I come from up North near Bradford, so growing up David Hockney was definitely a big influence of mine. Exploring his work on a rainy Sunday at the mills, is one of the first memories I have when I really connected with art. Not only his use of colours but also of different mediums inspired me. Other early influences were Kadinsky and M.C Escher

Hollywood Pool by David Hockney

Hockney's paintings have some great textures in them, I can definitely see that influence in your work. Can you tell us a little about the creative process you go through?

This is something that always seems to be evolving, but I try to use my computer as little as possible. Good advice I was given was to use the computer as a tool rather then a solution. It should never be a starting point. I love using found imagery, little pieces scrap paper and rubbish, which people may disregard. These little things are triggers in my design process. And I always look to the environment of the project and use it to inform the design. It's a big part of why I love doing the hoarding projects so much.

Yeah the hoarding projects are pretty unique. What else do you enjoy about working on them?

Getting to know a new part of the country that I would most likely never see. Trying to get my teeth into that area through documenting local people, architecture, history etc...

The Hoarding outside Kensal Rise Library by Alex Green

So nice to catch up with you Alex, thanks for popping round. Where can people go to see more of your work?